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   Have you been looking for a salon you feel truly comfortable in?  You've found it!  At Salon Bangles, we make our clients feel right at home.  We have carefully chosen every member of our friendly, down-to-earth staff to make sure all of our clients are happy in every way!  We cater to each client's unique style and personality and offer a wide range of styles from roller sets to mohawks! Your image is our passion. 


   At Salon Bangles, we're determined to enhance your beauty as well as your well being.  After attending holistic nutrition school, co-owner Kristin, discovered the importance of organic EVERYTHING!  She believes that beauty should NOT be damaging to your health, which is why we only use products free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, GMO's, cocomide-DEA and animal by-products.  Our organic color is made of keratin, natural oils, rainforest extracts and quinoa proteins. These natural ingredients allow for longer lasting color, less fadage and 100% grey coverage.  Always keep in mind that in order for a product to be truly organic, the first ingredient must read ORGANIC! 



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